Byram Animal Hospital

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Our Veterinary Services


In Surgery

Byram Animal Hospital offers a wide variety of services, and some of today's most advanced veterinary technologies. Our entire team is dedicated to ensuring that your pet's health is maintained at the highest possible level and that all treatment options are explained before any procedure is undertaken. Rest assured your pet will be in caring, experienced hands during their entire time at Byram Animal Hospital.



Wellness Exams

Because our ultimate goal is to keep your pets healthy and happy, the cost for our annual "wellness check-up" and vaccinations is lower than most other veterinary facilities in the area.



Byram Animal Hospital is now offering the comfort and convenience of laparoscopic surgical procedures. A laparoscope allows the surgeon to make a very small incision and introduce a camera into the abdomen to easily visualize everything he or she needs to see. The benefits of laparoscopic procedures over traditional surgical methods include:

  • Better visualization during surgery
  • Decreased pain
  • Faster healing
  • Pet recovers in the comfort and security of home
  • Pet experiences a quick return to normal function

The services offered laparoscopically include: spays, cryptorchid (when one or both of the testicles do not descend and are in the abdomen) neuters, gastropexies (a prophylactic procedure to prevent the stomach from bloating and flipping causing extreme pain and even death), and intra-abdominal biopsies and exploratory examination.

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Dental Care

Less than 50% of all dental problems in dogs and cats can be identified without dental x-rays. Utilizing the latest digital dental x-rays, we can obtain an immediate image of your pet's mouth and can see potential underlying dental/medical issues Utilizing state-of-the-art anesthetic drugs and monitoring equipment, we perform dental procedures on pets of all ages and with various serious medical conditions.


Virtual "Bloodless" Surgery

We apply the advanced Ligasure/Force Triad System for radiosurgery and vessel sealing. This technology is as safe as laser surgery and allows for virtually "bloodless" surgery, minimal inflammation/pain, little or no tissue damage, reduced pain and faster healing.

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Video - Otoscopy / Rhinoscopy / Cystoscopy

To optimize treatment of pets with chronic ear infections, Byram Animal Hospital utilizes video-otoscopy. This procedure involves the use of specialized equipment with a highly-magnified camera lens to examine the deeper parts of the ear canal, the ear drum, and the middle ear. It is very helpful in identifying foreign objects and tumors in the canal, abnormalities of the eardrum, and infection of the middle ear. Additionally, instruments can be inserted through the video-otoscope to grasp or biopsy objects in the ear canal, or to flush debris out of the ear canal and middle ear. Findings can be documented via photographs and video recordings.


General Surgery

At Byram Animal Hospital we are trained to handle a large variety of soft tissue surgical cases such as traditional spays, castrations, tumor and foreign body removal and cystotomies. If a case requires more specialized care than we provide a specialist such as an orthopedic or soft tissue surgeon can be consulted concerning your pet's needs.



Including the new Purevax rabies vaccinations for cats, which are safer than the traditional 3-year rabies regimen.


OFA X-Rays

To ensure integrity/quality of breed in typical problem areas such as hips and elbows.


In-House Pharmacy

Ideal for convenient pick-up of flea, tick and heartworm products.


In-House Lab

In addition to outside lab services, we offer an in-house lab for CBC/chemistry, heartworm, lyme and leukemia. Almost all test results are received by the same or next day.


Other Services

  • Micro-Chipping
  • Radiology
  • Tonopen-Based Tonometry Testing for Intraocular Pressure
  • Intravenous Fluid Pumps
  • Ultrasound with Specialist Consult
  • EKG/Blood Pressure
  • Advanced Pain Management Techniques
  • In-House Urine Cultures
  • Prescription-Based Dietary Products
  • Immediate Access to Nationwide Specialists through V.I.N.